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Ahead of the curve on battery power

If copper, nickel, gold and all the other minerals we rely on for the necessities and conveniences of modern civilization were piled in giant heaps on the Earth’s surface and freely available for the taking, we might all be fat, lazy and simple-minde

Mission impossible: mining suppliers to save the world

The mining supply sector is invisible, disrespected and dumb, but it could be responsible for saving the world Invisible for two reasons. The first is just statistical.

The world’s most prolific hub of mining innovation

The mining industry has its ups and downs, commodity prices rise and fall, exploration capital turns on and off like a tap, but nothing seems to get in the way of innovation.

The end of the road in the North?

Roads are an ancient technology. The British Ridgeway, for example, has been in use for 7,000 years. Roads led to wheels about 6,000 years ago, and wheels brought chariots, carts, wagons and pavement — a whole transportation revolution.

Ontario shines in underground technologies

Michael Denham, the new CEO of Canada’s Business Development Bank, recently acknowledged that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) represent 99.

Lessons in resilience from a cyclical industry

When reflecting on the current state of the mining industry, there is plenty of scope for negative sentiment.

SAMSSA pays tribute to two industry leaders

The Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Services Association’s 12th annual general meeting on December 4, 2015 was a special event for members, but this year’s meeting was both somber and reflective for the 100 plus attendees The Hall of Fame Awards, th

This won’t hurt, will it doctor?

Cap and trade is coming to Ontario. The legislation was enacted in 2009. Consultation documents were prepared in December. Sooner or later there will be some action. The first thing to know is that you shouldn’t get your knickers in a knot.

Catching the next wave

What do smart mining supply companies do when commodity prices slide, capital spending dries up and mining companies tighten their belts? They roll up their sleeves, get creative and take advantage of the breathing space to prepare for the next uptur
The state of the Northern Ontario mining industry

The state of the Northern Ontario mining industry

Ontario will have to confront a decline in the mining industry over the next five to 10 years.