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The importance of accepting change in the digital era

The importance of accepting change in the digital era

One of the most persistent questions asked by SAMSSA members is what products and services will be in demand in the short and long term.
Mining must formally recognize mental health concerns

Mining must formally recognize mental health concerns

Early detection is the key to a better outcome when dealing with mental health concerns.
Airships to the Arctic

Airships to the Arctic

A few years ago it took imagination to see the future sneaking up on Northern Ontario’s mining sector. Now it is getting hard to ignore.

SAMSSA partners with export business portal

Devon Franklin is the project manager of the Magnet Export Business Portal based at Ryerson University in Toronto. Devon is passionate about engaging and empowering businesses to realize their full potential. When businesses thrive, we all do.

It’s been a blast!

In the very first issue of Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal dated March 1, 2004, I wrote that we would “focus on the technology and innovation that result from the depth of expertise” in the mining community of Northern Ontario.

Solving the HR challenge in the mining industry

If you’re a kid growing up in Toronto or any number of Canadian cities and someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, it’s highly unlikely that mining engineer or geologist will come to mind.

This blasted and boring business

Metal demand is rising, ore grades are falling and hard rock mining productivity has plateaued. The industry has to change. The biggest suppliers already have their plans in place. It will be interesting to see how the smaller players respond.

Digital mining technologies: what works?

“One of the newest challenges for mining companies is managing the massive amounts of data produced across the value chain. Mining operations are spread out globally and decision-making is often siloed.

Another blockbuster issue of SMSJ

This issue of Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is a good reflection of the massive changes that are beginning to impact the mining industry.

Which supercycle?

Growing talk of a new supercycle for mining is encouraging, but a totally different kind of supercycle may be more important for mining supply firms.