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Women. What would we do without them?

Modern Mining & Technology Sudbury (MMTS) is one of the best organizations in Canada for promoting and creating awareness of mining and the technology advances in the industry.

New regulations - business as usual

During the last several years, the vast majority of exploration and mining companies with properties in Ontario have been consulting with First Nation communities, hiring their members, purchasing supplies from them and signing agreements of one sort

Mining brains

Question: What does the mining industry have in common with the zombie apocalypse? Answer: Mining companies and zombies both have an insatiable appetite for brains.

School of Mines adds value to mining cluster

October 15, 2012 was a special day for Northern Ontario and mining. On this day, Ned Goodman, CEO of Dundee Corporation, and the Goodman Family Foundation announced an historic gift to Laurentian University’s new School of Mines.

The peaks of profit in the distance

The mining supply sector depends on tomorrow’s prices. Tomorrow’s metal prices decide how many mining machines are ordered today. Tomorrow’s prices decide whether development projects go ahead.

A repository of mining expertise

I don't know how many times I've heard the complaint that mining companies are slow to embrace change and never want to be the first to try something new.

Ontario: an oasis in the global mining market

Northern Ontario is booming. Some would say we’re experiencing a mini super cycle and will continue to do so for at least three years with an expectation to extend to five and, some say, for 95 years more.

A cure for amnesia

For 30 years Canadian policy makers forgot which side their bread is buttered on. There are signs they are waking up.A recent study argues that resource industries may be where the most economically significant Canadian innovation happens.

AngloGold Ashanti plans for a mining renaissance

“The future of mining underground will change dramatically in the next few years and suppliers need to be ready for the shift” SAMSSA Members were recently treated to a special strategic plan regarding the mine of the future by Michael MacFarlane who

A complete toolkit of solutions

We beat ourselves up in the mining industry for not spending enough money on R&D.