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SAMSSA spreads its wings

It’s a busy time to fly with all the global activity of mergers, buyouts, consolidations, increased exploration and inflated commodity prices.

Suppliers are the engine for innovation

Knowing how things work used to be the key to industrial success. Today, you have to know how things change. At the national level and in industry, innovation is the secret ingredient for success. Countries that innovate will grow wealthy.

More than one way to go global

Wabi Iron and Steel’s centennial celebration this year reminds us of the rich history of mining in Northern Ontario.

Business systems enhance competencies

In the last few years, the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association (SAMSSA) has been focused on expanding its membership and building international and domestic relationships within the mining sector.

Social capital, clusters and connections

Scott Tiffin is a Canadian who lives in Chile. For the last five years he has been Director of Research and International Relations at the Universidad Alfonso Ibanez in Santiago, one of the best business schools in Latin America.

Poetry: another tool for hard-rock mining

What is it about rocks that relegates them to the netherworld of public consciousness and culture? We sing odes to love, we delight in floral profusion and cleanse ourselves in holy water, but rocks get no respect.

SAMSSA welcomes global partners

Sudbury has become a global shopping destination for mining visitors in the past few months, especially from South Africa, Brazil and Chile.