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Sustainable Development

Responsible practices help minimize footprint

Minimizing the footprint of Xstrata Nickel’s new copper/nickel mine in the Sudbury Basin has been at the forefront of the company’s sustainable development plan.
Engineered wetlands solution for tailings problem

Engineered wetlands solution for tailings problem

An environmental engineering firm is planning to design and construct an engineered wetland as a pilot project for Newmont Mining Corporation’s closed Golden Giant Mine near Marathon, Ontario.
Cover design on open pit a model for mining industry

Cover design on open pit a model for mining industry

Vale Inco has reason to be proud of the engineered multi-layer cover design system used to reclaim its open-pit Whistle Mine 60 kilometres northeast of Sudbury.

Goldcorp tackles tailings clean-up in Timmins

Cleaning up historic tailings sites can’t be done with a one-solution-fits-all approach, especially for Goldcorp Inc.’s Porcupine properties in Timmins.

BacTech bioleaching technology proves up significant test results

BacTech Mining Corporation is another step closer to building its bioleaching plant near Cobalt.

Xstrata Copper's Kidd Mine goes even deeper

Downward and deeper is the plan Xstrata Copper is following with a $121 million investment to expand its Kidd Mine operations in Timmins.

Mines Ministry receives land reclamation award

The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) has been honoured for its rehabilitation of the abandoned Kam Kotia mine site near Timmins.

Soils study predicts limited risks to community

The following is an interview with Chris Wren, director of the Sudbury Area Risk Assessment (SARA) Group, an affiliation of companies and experts contracted to carry out the Sudbury Soils Study, a seven-year $12 million study to determine if the leve

Greener pastures around Vale Inco’s Sudbury smelter

Greener pastures around Vale Inco’s Sudbury smelter One of Vale Inco’s environmental initiatives is giving a new green look to the decades-old black slag heaps that dominated the west side of Sudbury.
Xstrata boosts recycling capacity

Xstrata boosts recycling capacity

Much of the nickel and other metals mined in the Sudbury Basin is exported to the four corners of the world, but more and more of it is finding its way back in the form of cellphone, laptop and hybrid car batteries.