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Sustainable Development

Sudbury hosts environment conference

Up to 250 delegates from across Canada, the United States and other mining jurisdictions are expected to attend the Sudbury 2011 Mining & Environment International Conference at Laurentian University June 25 to 30.

Vale to spend $2 billion on abatement project

A proposed $1.5 to $2 billion Atmospheric Emission Reduction (AER) program at Vale’s Sudbury Operations is expected to receive board approval in October.

Health and safety veteran spreads the gospel

A stellar health and safety record in the mining industry doesn't just happen by itself. It takes a monumental effort by a company's management team and the development of a culture of safety throughout the organization.

Former uranium mine becomes nature sanctuary

A unique three-way partnership in Elliot Lake has been honoured with the 2010 Tom Peters Memorial Mine Reclamation Award for its co-ordinated mine reclamation efforts in the former uranium mining town, 120 kilometres west of Sudbury.

Elliot Lake hailed as reclamation success story

A former uranium-mining town in Northern Ontario got a new lease on life when two previously competing companies worked toward a common goal.

Ranking prioritizes work on abandoned mines

Before 1991, when provincial regulations were established requiring mining companies to have closure plans and financial assurance of those plans, many mine sites were not decommissioned to today's standards and some were left abandoned.
Paste proposed for oilsands

Paste proposed for oilsands

A tailings treatment technology developed in Sudbury is one of several solutions the Alberta oilsands industry is considering as an environmentally friendly alternative to underwater disposal in tailings ponds that are a blight on the province's land
Rainbow Concrete goes clean and green

Rainbow Concrete goes clean and green

Rainbow Concrete Industries Inc. is going greener and cleaner.

Suppliers invest in green energy

Sudbury mining suppliers are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint with the help of the sun.

Zero harm drives health & safety program

Zero Harm is the mantra driving Xstrata Nickel’s health and safety program at the Nickel Rim South Mine. It begins from the moment employees, contractors and visitors enter the site.