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WipWare reaches new heights in training

One of the amazing changes in SAMSSA’s membership is the number of innovative companies that are leading the mining industry. WipWare is a prime example.
WipWare Inc. distributors experience the EdgeWalk at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto.

One of the amazing changes in SAMSSA’s membership is the number of innovative companies that are leading the mining industry. WipWare is a prime example.

Tom Palangio, president of WipWare, has been a leader in developing new applications and improving WipWare technology to increase productivity and efficiency.

One constant in technology is change. With this in mind, WipWare brings its distributors together each year to review advances in products, examine new applications, hear suggestions for product improvement and share experiences from around the world.

Representatives from Australia, Chile, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Turkey descended on North Bay in the past month to preview the latest equipment and software, learn how to use, sell and maintain the equipment and discuss new applications.

“The introduction of our iPad interface for on-line systems early this year was a resounding success,” said Palangio. “It provides real time operating data, and it’s convenient, and easy-to-use via an iPhone or iPad.

“For many years now, people had data on screens or archived in historians but it wasn’t noticed or acted upon unless something dramatic occurred. Now, you are prompted to immediately act if conditions exceed your operating specifications. You can really control the operation instead of reviewing the data after the fact.”

In February, WipWare unveiled a new standalone iPad application at the International Society of Explosives Engineers’ 42nd annual conference in Las Vegas. It complements the company’s original Windows-based software, but is geared for field use. Traditionally, images were collected in the field and processed later in the office. Now, clients can take pictures with an iPad, analyze them, and even predict and/or suggest improvements to blast designs in the field. Image analysis used to require a reference scale in the field of view but that has been eliminated in the iPad version, providing greater safety and efficiency.

“We are living in a very connected world and cloud based applications and software are convenient, economical and efficient ways to work smarter and safer,” said Palangio.

After two days of intensive sessions dealing with technical advances, sales and strategy, training course attendees had a team-building day in Toronto where they experienced the Edge Walk at the CN Tower. Guido Pas, Syscom (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Glen Blackstock, Micron (Brisbane, Australia) said they are used to working with WipWare’s leading-edge technology, but walking on the edge of one of the highest free standing structures in the world was definitely a new experience.

“The challenge now will be to find something as exciting for next year’s training course,” said Thomas Palangio, WipWare technical officer.

WipWare Inc. is an award winner in innovation and the world leader in photo analysis of fragmented material, with more than 25 years of experience assisting mines and mills optimize blast procedures, improve plant throughput and increase production. A global network of distributors ensures its clients local access to sales and service. WipWare’s systems are employed throughout the mining, forestry and aggregate industries.