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Weekend fire prompts emergency action at Vale mine in Sudbury

All safe after electrical fire breaks out at Garson Mine
Garson Mine in Sudbury (Vale supplied photo)

Vale confirmed May 16 that a small fire occurred at the Garson Mine overnight Sunday and that emergency procedures were activated when white smoke was encountered underground.

Vale senior specialist of media relations Jeffery Lewis said mine rescue personnel responded and determined the cause of the smoke was a failure inside an older mine power centre station on the 3920 level.

Mine rescue personnel would be required to ensure the fire was out and to ensure the mine was re-ventilated with fresh air. 

"All personnel were immediately accounted for and monitored at refuge stations with no injuries reported," Lewis said. 

No information was provided for the number of employees who were affected by the incident.  

"The all-clear was given 8 a.m. Tuesday," Lewis added.

The precise cause of the fire has not been revealed, but sources told Vale has launched an internal investigation.