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Timmins Big Event Mine Expo is postponed

Timmins Big Event Mine Expo not happening in June

In terms of large events being shut down, the continuing concern over COVID-19 has prompted the postponement of The Big Event Mine Expo in Timmins that was scheduled to take place in June.

The Big Event website said efforts are underway to find a more appropriate time for the event.

The event which was slated for June 2, 3 and 4 is no longer taking place on those dates.

"When we know it is safe for the mining community to come together we will post a new date. We will allow ample time for exhibitors and attendees to make travel arrangements, and re-market the new dates of the event,” said a notice on the website, authored by Canadian Trade Ex president Glenn Dredhart.

In the past 10 years, the Timmins mine expo has become one of the premier Northern Ontario events for mining companies and mining suppliers to showcase their businesses. Hundreds of exhibitors and company representatives would attract thousands of attendees to see what was new in mining.

Over the years, Dredhart had transformed a hockey arena-style trade show into a major exhibition event that occupied every square foot of the McIntyre Community Building and several acres of the surrounding land with exhibits, inter-active displays and even a jackleg drilling contest. The annual gala dinner also featured a list of speakers that included most of the top mining executives in Canada.

In recent years, including this year, the event has booked up every hotel room in Timmins.

Dredhart said he is hoping the mine expo event will pick up new momentum in the future.

“When the outbreak comes under control, it is our firm belief that everyone will be anxious to reconnect with the many companies, organizations, and stakeholders that drive our multi-billion dollar industry – and there is no better place to do that than the Canadian Mining Expo – in Timmins, Ontario – where the world comes to explore,” said Dredhart’s letter.