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Satellite device offers peace of mind

An innovative satellite communications device allows prospectors and other outdoor enthusiasts who have travelled out of cell phone range to let their families know whether they’re safe, or if they need help.

Inco considering vertical conveyors

Vale Inco is studying the feasibility of using a vertical conveyor system as an alternative to skipping or ramping ore and waste rock as part of several new mine developments at depth in its Sudbury mines.

Rail-Veyor to be demonstrated in Sudbury

What if a mine could transport ore underground quickly and inexpensively and, at the same time, reduce diesel emissions? Starting in September 2008, Sudbury-based Rail-Veyor Technologies Inc.

Water pressure used to retrieve core tubes

Dale Clarke may not have wild, white hair or a workshop full of strange machinery, but he’s an inventor all the same.

WipWare spinoff to focus on Canadian market

A recent newsletter published by WipWare Inc., a North Bay company specializing in photoanalysis systems for particle sizing, welcomes new customers from India, the Ukraine, Korea, Japan, Peru the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Industry boom sparks demand for drills

It's not just the unprecedented boom in the mining industry that has fueled the sale of Terex rock drills.

Industrial Fabrication introduces new utility truck

Industrial Fabrication Inc., a Sudbury-based utility vehicle manufacturer, has introduced a new purpose-built utility truck, the UT99, to tap into the growing demand for reliable, underground personnel carriers.

Web apps drive efficiencies

Four Leaf Solutions has doubled and tripled its workforce every year since 2002 Software developer Four Leaf Solutions may be one of Sudbury’s best-kept secrets.
ITT Flygt claims pumping breakthrough

ITT Flygt claims pumping breakthrough

ITT Flygt’s newly designed 2600 series of submersible pumps represents a “major breakthrough in dewatering pump technology,” offering mine operators improved performance and durability, claims Daniel Adams, technical representative for the company’s

Cat loader powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells will achieve price parity with diesel power within two years, but it will take somewhat longer than that for the mining industry to move in a serious way to the adoption of new power technology for mobile equipment, says Dr.