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New software product optimizes schedules

New scheduling software developed by MIRARCO Mining Innovation, a not-for profit research organization based at Laurentian University in Sudbury, promises to dramatically change the way schedules are produced for mine development.

Xstrata Process Support promotes its new custom crushing and blending plant

Lab-scale custom crushing and blending has never been so efficient as it is now with Sudbury-based Xstrata Process Support’s (XPS) first-of-a-kind custom crushing and blending plant (CBP).

Redpath unveils newest raisedrill

The most powerful raisedrill in the world, the Redpath Group’s Redbore 100, is scheduled to begin drilling two ventilation raises at Vale Inco’s Copper Cliff South Mine in January.

MIRARCO CEO touts bioleaching

A more environmentally friendly way to extract metal from sulphide-based and iron-containing ores and mineral concentrates is receiving more recognition in the mining industry.

Bioleaching plant proposed for Cobalt

BacTech Mining Corporation , a Toronto-based company, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Gold Bullion Development Corp.

Automation technology gains ground

Atlas Copco’s cutting-edge automation technology is gaining traction in the mining industry. Introduced in 1998, the company’s Rig Control System (RCS) was slow to gain acceptance.

Redpath completes $65 million SNOLAB expansion

Careful attention to detail and scheduling was the mandate the J.S. Redpath Group followed during its four-and-a-half year expansion of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNOLAB). Located 6,800-feet underground at Vale Inco Ltd.

Hard-Line to launch new loader at MINExpo

HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc., a Sudbury-based supplier of radio remote control and communication systems, will be introducing a new underground loader/excavator at MINExpo 2008 in Las Vegas, September 22 to 24.

New scissor lift truck boosts productivity

MacLean Engineering and Marketing has introduced a new underground scissor lift truck featuring a remote drive system and a deck with side and forward shift capabilities.

Synchrotron sheds light on metal toxicity

Electrons racing around a synchrotron, or particle accelerator, at close to the speed of light on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan are helping Vale Inco identify the forms, or species, of nickel in soil and filter particulate samples.