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Vale nails down reduction of diesel particulate

Vale's Sudbury operation is leading the way in reducing diesel particulate matter for its light-duty underground vehicles.

One-stop shop for ROPS and FOPS

Stanley Appleton Manufacturing Corp. provides in-house design, fabrication, testing and certification of rollover protective structures (ROPS) and falling object protective structures (FOPS).

Ventilation-on-demand patent sparks controversy

A patent awarded to Simsmart Technologies for its Optimized Mine Ventilation on Demand (OMVOD) technology has caused an uproar in the mining community in advance of an international symposium on mine ventilation in Sudbury June 13 to 18.

Suppliers see benefit of social networking

A growing number of Northern Ontario business people are finding value in a California-based social networking site called LinkedIn.

Bestech helps miners meet emission regulations

Sudbury-based Bestech's Air Quality Monitoring System was recently purchased by the Iron Ore Company of Canada and will be commissioned in June at its Labrador City operations.

Dr. Thomas Ulrich wins laser ablation prize


University pioneers new sampling technology

A new ultra violet laser ablation system on its way to Laurentian University's Trace Element Mapping Facility for Geological Samples positions the university's Earth Sciences Department as a North American leader in cutting-edge sample analysis.

Symboticware pioneers real-time monitoring

Symboticware Incorporated, a Sudbury-based technology company, has teamed up with Vale Inco, the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation and Cast Resource Equipment Ltd.
Ontario to introduce electronic map staking

Ontario to introduce electronic map staking

The days of traditional staking rushes in Ontario will fade into history once Bill 173 passes this fall. For some, it is a good thing, but for others, it represents more than the disappearance of a tradition.

Rail-Veyor gets Vale Inco's attention

Sudbury-based Rail-Veyor Technologies Inc. is poised to revolutionize material handling in the mining industry.