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HK Industrial: Safety is in the Bag

Safety and quality are top priority for HK Industrial products

Heather Knight is familiar with the mining industry; her husband has been in mining for 15 years. She’s very well acquainted with the pouches each miner must keep on their person for safety and self-rescue – and what kind of damage and injuries chain blocks can cause when improperly stored and transported. This is why the Knights launched HK Industrial.

The products currently produced are SAFE A BLOCK, a pouch to carry chain blocks; and SELF RESCUER POUCH, a sturdy, adjustable, cross body pouch with a quick release strap. 

Her work quickly attracted the attention of Glencore, who was looking for a redesign on the pouches their miners used to house their rebreathers.

“They sent me what they had, and I came up with something better,” says Heather. “They were pleased with it!”

The fabric used is tested, tested again, and put through “abuse” to ensure it holds up when needed. Test pouches are used in real mining conditions and put through every possible scenario.

When Heather started her business, it was just herself and her equipment. But when an order of 650 units came in, she reached out to quilters, handbag makers, and other small business owners in Sudbury. Now her business includes a close community of local professionals, all with the same goal in mind – the safety and quality of HK Industrial bags and pouches.

“The most rewarding thing is seeing it in action; seeing photos of the products beings used!” says Heather. “To see companies like Glencore and Soucie Salo Safety showing interest in our products feel surreal.”

She continues, “Like a drop of water, any incident large or small can send a ripple throughout the industry and to families of those working in it. Everyone I know in Sudbury has family and friends working in mining, so any incident has an impact on the community. When those workers were stuck underground, I had people from all over contacting me to see if Steve was okay. Thankfully everyone got out safely, but I don’t think for a moment that it didn’t have an effect on everyone connected to the industry. This is the fuel that drives us to help businesses improve safety for everyone on site.” ​

HK Industrial is making a big difference in the safety of local miners.

To learn more visit HK Industrial online.