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Jannatec Technologies expands with acquisition of MCS and NCSS

Move expands Sudbury company's reach in business-to-consumer market
Sudbury-based Jannatec Technologies is known for the development of a cap light, used by hard rock miners underground.

SUDBURY — July 29, 2022: Jannatec Technologies acquires Mobile Communication Services Ltd. (MCS) and NCSS (National Communication Site Services Inc.), adding two mobile communications businesses to its product portfolio. This acquisition provides Jannatec with a vast rental fleet of mobile communications devices available to the southern Ontario market. In addition to the new customer segment, there is also a local market expansion in the Toronto area.

“With MCS and NCSS, we are expanding our B2B business into new customer segments and a new area. We are now moving into the B2C space, as up until now our core business has been in the development and deployment of security and communications equipment for heavy industry, particularly mining in mines,” explains Wayne Ablitt, CEO of Jannatec.

“With the new location in the Greater Toronto Area, we can now reach new customers in the industrial and service sectors there and offer them our systems for collision avoidance as well as our other communication solutions for distance measurement.”

Florian G. Schauenburg, CEO of the Schauenburg International Group, is also pleased: “Through the acquisition of MCS and NCSS, Jannatec creates an additional foothold and thus secures long-term business development in a future-oriented market that is currently developing very quickly. This strengthening in the field of communication is a correct and important step towards diversification.”

Jannatec Technologies is part of the Schauenburg International Group.

About Jannatec Technologies: Jannatec specializes in the development and deployment of a variety of dynamic and unique safety and communications devices. Our rugged and durable radio cap lamps along with our corded and cordless cap lamps, are light-weight, longer-lasting, and can incorporate two-way radio systems, RFID tags and collision avoidance/proximity detection technology. These lamps are applicable to miners, heavy equipment, utility vehicles and fixed hazards.