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CEMI and Precision Periodic establish strategic commercialization alliance

Nanofiltration products generate zero hazardous waste
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Sudbury's CEMI will work with Precision Periodic to commercialize its nanotechnology, which is designed to extract metals from contaminated waters. (Supplied photo)

Sudbury, ON – Nov. 9, 2020: Canada’s Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) has entered a commercialization alliance with Florida-based, University of Central Florida Business Incubator Company Precision Periodic.

Precision Periodic’s proprietary nanotechnology advancements provide the mining, minerals, refining and reclamation industries with low-cost, high-efficiency, and environmentally friendly multi-metal extraction and separation from hydro-metallurgical processes and contaminated waters.

Using Precision Periodic’s novel and proprietary filter media, Nano Beads™ reduces costs, eliminates steps, and increases product purity. The high selectivity of Nano Beads significantly improves the separation efficiency for extracted elements and eliminates the need for added chemicals. The process generates no hazardous waste.

Nano Beads can extract and separate multiple metals, including heavy and rare earth elements, in one free flow process without the need for heat, back pressure, or adding chemicals. Contaminated water and acid mine drainage can have the hazardous elements removed quickly and inexpensively with the Nano Beads™. Also, using the Beads, valuable elements can be separated/refined and sold.

About Precision Periodic

Precision Periodic has developed a proprietary nano-filtration for extracting and separating multiple elements, in one process, out of acidic liquids. The Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute (FIPRI) has validated the Nano Beads™ technology. The University of Central Florida (UCF) Business Incubator Program supports Precision Periodic.

Contact for Precision Periodic: Jo Ellen Andrew

VP Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Email: [email protected]

About CEMI

CEMI’s objective is to help the mining sector achieve a step-change improvement in performance by accelerating the commercial adoption of innovations in mines and increasing the innovation capacity of the mining service companies that deliver techniques and technologies to the industry.

Contact for CEMI: Charles Nyabeze B.Eng MBA

VP, Business Development and Commercialization

Email: [email protected]

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