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Discover Abitibi proposes new studies

A follow-up to the $10-million Discover Abitibi geoscience study may be in the offing.

Telstar takes pride in hydraulics expertise

In the 1967 movie, The Graduate, a young college graduate played by Dustin Hoffman runs into an older gentleman at a cocktail party who recommends a career in the plastics business.

OMA conducts study to manage air leaks

The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) has launched a compressed air leak management study to help member companies save money and conserve energy.

A bird, a plane? No. An unmanned aerial vehicle

A Sudbury company hopes to have a working prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ready for testing in an underground mining environment next year.

Redpath busy worldwide as mining industry sizzles

Redpath Group employees who are getting close to retirement are beginning to have second thoughts.

Shotcrete Plus inks manufacturing deal

Shotcrete Plus, a Sudbury distributor and supplier of shotcrete products and services, has struck a deal with Condor Support-tech Ltd. of Zhengzhou, China, to manufacture its shotcrete machines for the North American market.

Inco hydropower saves millions

Inco Limited began generating its own hydropower 100 years ago at about the same time that Ontario introduced legislation bringing electrical power into the public domain.

Sudbury pioneers borehole radio imaging

Cross-borehole radio tomography is playing an increasingly important role in the discovery and definition of new orebodies in the Sudbury Basin. The technology has been the focus of R&D efforts in the U.S.

Bob Lipic: international trailblazer

President and CEO of Mining Technologies International (MTI), Canada's largest manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment, Lipic has done business in more than 40 countries in the past 20 years, and traveled on average 30 weeks a year since the co

Rastall tools make miner's work easier

The nuts and bolts of this Sudbury-based mining supply business are .nuts and bolts, but miners across Canada and elsewhere in the world know it for its high-quality, specially designed tools.