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Talos Steel enters gearbox repair business

June 1, 2012
by Scott Haddow
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Frank Grossi sees the partnership he struck between his company, Talos Steel, and Saskatchewan-based Standard Machine as a launching pad for new business opportunities.

“This is an important milestone for us,” said Grossi, president of Talos Steel. “It introduces our company to Saskatchewan, and it is also the first step towards giving us the national presence we’ve been striving for. It definitely solidifies our goals and vision of being a national company.”

Talos Steel is part of the Grossi Group of Companies, including Anmar Mechanical and Electrical Contractors and Castec Inc. – all serving the mining industry.

Officials from the two companies started meeting three years ago in an effort to form a mutually beneficial partnership. The final details were hammered out and the deal was signed in January 2012.

“Timing was impeccable for the partnership to happen. It took a while, but it was the right time and right place,” said Anmar shop operations manager and sales vice-president Stephen Lee. “It’s a true win-win situation. It gave Standard Machine a prime opportunity to extend its reach in Eastern Canada and it gave us an opportunity to prove ourselves.”

The partnership allows Talos Steel to tap into Standard Machine’s extensive company resources – a 125,000-square foot facility and 45 years of experience. Most important, the deal allows Talos Steel to provide OEM repairs and products from Hamilton Gear, a division of Standard Machine.

This is where the focus of Talos Steel is at present. The Greater Sudbury mining scene is crawling with activity and machines going 24-hours-a-day. These machines have gearboxes – many made by Hamilton Gear – that require fixing or replacing.

Local repairs

The focus is on ensuring customers in need of Hamilton Gear gearbox solutions can be back working sooner than later. Instead of shipping equipment to Saskatchewan, mining companies in Sudbury and elsewhere in Eastern Canada can have the work done locally.

In the past, a gearbox repair might take up to four months or more. Now, Talos Steel can have that same gearbox back working for customers in a matter of weeks.

“We can speed up a lot of the processes for customers and we follow OEM specs. It’s an instant fix,” Lee said. “Big companies operate around the clock. Downtime means big losses for them.”

Talos Steel purchased two new CNC milling machines and added 15,000-square feet to their shop to accommodate the additional business. As more work comes in, the company will also be adding more skilled workers.

The deal has created a lot of buzz around the offices and shops at Talos Steel.

Huge market

“It is absolutely generating excitement,” said general manager Brent Lazich. “There’s a huge market in Sudbury for this. We have a lot of existing clients in the mining industry, so that is who we are concentrating on right now, but we’re not limited to the mining industry. Our long-term goal for this is to be everywhere. The results so far have been fantastic. We’ve only scratched the surface.”

Talos Steel has been in business in Sudbury for more than 27 years. It provides the mining industry with services such as machining, component repair, field service, fabrication of tool and die parts and on-site welding and machining. It was incorporated in the late ’80s and acquired by Anmar Mechanical and Electrical Contractors  in 2005.

With new management, new goals and new technology driving Talos Steel, the company has grown from five people in 2005 to 30 people currently.

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