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$15 million geoscience study to focus on Ontario’s Far North

A $15 million geoscience study recently announced by Ontario’s Ministry of Northern Development and Mines could help boost mineral..

March 1, 2006 with 0 Comments

Creighton Mine pilots ventilation on demand technology

The technology selected for a ventilation on demand pilot program at Inco’s Creighton Mine is being supplied by Sling Choker..

December 1, 2005 with 0 Comments

Inco takes charge of energy

An industry-leading energy conservation pilot program launched by Inco in 2000 is evolving into “an energy-smart” way of doing..

December 1, 2005 with 0 Comments

Rock tunnel project on target

 Introduction In recent decades the City of Greater Sudbury has experienced a rapid rate of growth and development in it’s “South..

December 1, 2005 with 0 Comments

Off-peak pumping cuts costs at Inco’s Stobie Mine

Inco’s Stobie Mine in Sudbury is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by pumping out water during off-peak hours. Two..

December 1, 2005 with 0 Comments
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