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Vale miners put Longwall 11 to test

Vale miners put Longwall 11 to test

Try these on for size They are your most important items of personal protective equipment. You stand on them for up to 10 hours a day, drop..

November 15, 2012
Vale Inco decides against vertical conveyor

Vale Inco decides against vertical conveyor

Vale Inco has decided against acquiring a vertical conveyor system for its Garson Deep project. The novel material handling system was..

September 1, 2009 with 0 Comments

Companies study effects of heat

As mining companies in Canada and around the world follow their orebodies to depth, one of the challenges they have to deal with is the..

September 1, 2008 with 0 Comments

Students spend study break learning about mine rescue

A group of 13 mining engineering students from Laurentian University and the University of Toronto gave up their February study break to..

June 1, 2008 with 0 Comments

Vale Inco donates $10,000 Kubota prize to Miners for Cancer

Vale Inco has donated a $10,000 cash prize from Kubota Canada to Miners for Cancer in support of the Northern Cancer Research Centre. The..

June 1, 2008 with 0 Comments

Killer application for surveying poised for release

A revolutionary underground mine survey system developed in Sudbury by Falconbridge is about to be commercialized following an agreement..

March 1, 2007 with 0 Comments

Garson Mine wins Ryan trophy for Canadian safety supremacy

Achievement lies not so much in reaching a destination, but in the journey to get there. Minds shift and old habits die off, while..

September 1, 2006 with 0 Comments
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