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Brad Gregorini, President, Norpro Security & Investigations

By Nadine Robinson

Norpro has been providing security services across Ontario for decades, doing its best to alleviate organizations’ security and investigation worries.

“We offer standalone and integrated services to our clients ranging from security guards to complete packages that utilize all of our services,” said Brad Gregorini, who bought the business in 2013. “Basically, we do the worrying, so (our customers) can focus on mining. After all, our name means Northern Professionals and we want to be your professional security partner.”

As part of the focus on professionalism, Norpro became a training institution. “We’re an approved agency of the Ontario government to teach the security guard course, and a training centre for investigations as well,” said Gregorini. “This way we guarantee that our guards are trained to our standards, and will reflect the professional image we aim to portray.

Additionally, we can train client personnel on security, investigations, and to be advanced first responders.”

Norpro’s mining engagements include a number of remote sites, where security staff are housed onsite. “We are the first responders and a critical part of the infrastructure,” said Gregorini. “We secure the minesite itself, monitoring what goes in and out of a site, and doing patrols. Our narcotics dog also gets involved for drug and alcohol detection, when companies want to keep their camps dry, do preventative drug checks and when problems are suspected or identified.”

Other times, Norpro simply provides security for the gatehouse, and site patrols.

Since 2013, Norpro has also been offering a full suite of health and safety services, appointing a vice-president of health and safety. “Sometimes, mines prefer to outsource the entire health and safety co-ordinator function to us, or we take over parts, like fire watch, or we train staff for gaps, and help with Ministry of Labour work,” said Gregorini. “We’re also a ministry certified trainer for health and safety, dangerous goods, WHMIS, confined space, working at heights, and more. Legislation is always changing, and we help our clients stay current.”

Gregorini compares Norpro to a speedboat, and the larger security companies to cruise ships. “When things change in your industry or business, or things go wrong that you need to respond to, it’s like someone going overboard,” said Gregorini. “With us, we can quickly turn our boat around and get you the services that you need, or partner with people to make sure you’re taken care of. In contrast, think about how long it takes for a cruise ship to change course and circle back for someone.”

While comparing themselves to a speedboat, Norpro is no longer a small company. “I took on the company with 15 employees, and now we’re closer to 130,” said Gregorini.

In their goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for security and health and safety, Norpro partners and acquires the technology and services required. “We’re always looking for the right partners,” said Gregorini. “We expanded into armed transport and cash-in-transit that way.”

Technology has changed the industry and opened new business lines for Norpro. “All of our guards are monitored in real-time, remotely,” said Gregorini. “From a management perspective, it allows us to expand across the province and into Upper Michigan as well. Distance doesn’t matter anymore.” Norpro also provides video surveillance cameras, software, and hardware for security requirements.

The company is focused on being responsive to client needs. “We’re gaining a reputation for flexible, affordable, individualized service,” said Gregorini. “I pride myself on being available to our clients and ready to listen to how we can serve them better. As a company, we focus on quality, training, safety and professionalism for private security in the North, getting back to the roots of our name.”

Since taking over Norpro, Gregorini was awarded the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce Business Development Award sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada in 2014 and was nominated in 2017 as one of the city’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year.

Gregorini plans to continue to partner and expand to further Norpro’s brand and to keep aligning the company’s ability to provide services reflecting the company’s tagline – ‘Safe, Secure, Alive.’ “Norpro is all about keeping people and property safe,” said Gregorini. “We know mining, and we know the North, so whether it’s security work, investigations, or health and safety, this is where we shine.”

Norpro will be at the PDAC 2018 Convention, March 4-7, 2018 to connect with new customers and partners.


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