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Rock-Tech introduces Rhino rockbreaker

November 15, 2012
by Norm Tollinsky
In: Technology

Design emphasizes ease of maintenance and reliability

The Rock-Tech team, including Dan Lemieux, director of sales at far right, in front of the company’s Rhino stationary rockbreaker at MINExpo 2012.

Rock-Tech, a Sudbury-based mining supplier and former distributor of Breaker Technology stationary rockbreakers, has entered the rockbreaking business as a manufacturer.

Growing the company and expanding the market it could serve was the primary reason for the transition, said Dan Lemieux, director of sales.

“As a distributor, we could only sell to a specific territory,” he said.

Now, with its own line of made-in-Sudbury Rhino XD Series stationary rockbreakers, Rock- Tech’s potential customer base has no boundaries.

With several sales and a little more than a year of experience as a manufacturer under its belt, Rock- Tech formally introduced its Rhino rockbreaker series to the international mining market at MINExpo in Las Vegas September 24 to 26.

The Rhino stationary rockbreaker is available in three boom sizes for the coverage required and can be fitted with four different hammer configurations depending on the size and hardness of the rock.

“We make sure to review the customer’s application and we look at the mine life too because things change,” said Lemieux. “You could be starting off with lower production, but as the mine evolves and develops, tonnage can increase and rock type can change.

Rhino rockbreaker’s operator cabin is available with ergonomic chair and air conditioning.

“We try to ensure that we meet and exceed the customer’s needs because a rockbreaker is a long-term investment and you want to make sure you don’t forget anything.”

Having sold and serviced rock breakers for so many years, Rock- Tech designed the Rhino with ease of maintenance and servicing in mind.

Operator comfort was also enhanced by providing for an ergonomic chair and air conditioning in a soundproof cabin.

The Rhino rockbreaker also features improved hose management and access to the pedestal.

“When you’re working on the system, you want to be working with both feet on the ground,” said Lemieux. “You don’t want to have to be climbing all over the unit to access the inside. Also, instead of unbolting everything, it’s hinged so millwrights can quickly and easily access the unit.”


Service is key, said Lemieux.

“The company is owned by five partners and the partners are managing the business. We’re dealing with customers directly. That makes a big difference. We can respond faster and we’re more receptive to customer needs.”

Rock-Tech also manufactures Sat Stat fuel/lubricant storage and handling systems and Titanium utility vehicles.

The company acquired the rights to manufacture SatStat portable storage systems for fuel and lubricants in 2005.

The units, which are portable and highly customizable, replace permanentfuel stations and have been a big hit in the underground mining sector.

According to Lemieux, close to 400 units are currently deployed – most of them in Canada with some sales to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the U.S.

The units dispense diesel as well as lubricants and are available in several different configurations to accommodate a customer’s fueling and lubricant needs.

The SatStat can contain up to three separate reservoirs with dispensing systems for splash or fast fill requirements, and is available in several sizes ranging from 250 gallons (1,138 litres) all the up to 2,000 gallons (9,100 litres).

The pumps can be powered electrically or pneumatically. Each unit is designed to comply with all safety and fire prevention standards and is equipped with dry chemical fire suppression systems, automatic fire doors and thermal shut-off valves.

Rock-Tech also manufactures units designed for oil pail storage and waste oil.

“The product is very versatile,” said Lemieux. “It’s not just fuel and oil storage. It’s everything relating to fuel and oil, from surface to underground. We can set up a shop with all the reels and drops. We can handle everything from the dispensing to the handling of waste oils.”

Last year, Rock-Tech also ventured into the mobile equipment market with a line of utility vehicles for installing mine services.

The Titaniumbranded vehicles are equipped with elevating platforms and implements for cable bolting, and installation of mine services, including ventilation fans and piping.

ISO 9001

The company is ISO9001 registered and uses a state-of-the-art material resource planning system to streamline the manufacturing process.

“It ties in all of our work orders, shop jobs and parts inventory,” said Claude Lemiuex. “It lets you plan all of your resources and tracks lead times on items. The end goal is to be more efficient in our planning. If something is late or missing, it alerts you. It’s a great planning tool.”

Rock-Tech operates out of two buildings in Sudbury’s Walden Industrial Park and has 22 employees. The Canadian market is its primary focus, but it is also interested in targeting South America and other mining regions, and has exhibited at trade shows in Mexico, Chile and Australia.

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