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Redpath Group wins award for oxyacetylene carrier

The Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association (OMCSA) has awarded the 2010 Worker Safety Innovation Award to The Redpath Group for its oxyacetylene carrier, a metal cabinet that safely transports and protects oxygen and acetylene bottles on a mechanized raise climber (MRC).

The oxyacetylene carrier is attached to an engineered canopy post and swivels, keeping potentially explosive cylinders in a constant upright/vertical position while the MRC is horizontal. A built-in overhang protects the fire extinguisher and provides safe storage of cylinders, hoses and torches on the platform.

Storage of cylinders on the MRC platform also allows for quick access to valves in the event of an emergency and prevents inadvertent exposure to oil, grease and other potentially volatile reactive materials.

Having a designated place for the fire extinguisher also prevents unnecessary wear and corrosion of the tank. While in use, a hook for the hoses and torch reduces the amount of clutter on the platform, eliminating trip hazards. The built-in enclosure design also protects cylinders while workers travel below in the basket. The carrier’s lightweight, sturdy design enables easy installation and use on any raise climber unit.

The introduction of Redpath’s oxyacetylene carrier has reduced the risk level associated with transporting and protecting oxygen and acetylene bottles on mechanized raise climbers.

“Several levels of the organization were involved in the development of this safety innovation,” said Derek Budge, Redpath manager of safety, health and environment. “In this instance, the innovative idea originated from discussions during an MRC risk assessment. Welder Jack Sikora was instrumental in the creation of the finished product… We constantly look for ways to improve our health and safety program and encourage all of our employees across the globe, be they labourers, draftsmen, mechanics, miners, supervisors, clerical, engineers or (employees in) any other job classification to identify and correct all unsafe or substandard conditions in the workplace.”

This is the third year in a row that Redpath has been recognized by the OMCSA for Worker Safety Innovation. In 2009, the company was named 1st runner-up for the MRC rail stripping canopy and was awarded winner in 2008 for the MRC rail muck deflector.


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