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Redbore 30 joins Redpath fleet

November 19, 2012
by Norm Tollinsky
In: Technology

New raise drill purpose-built for block caving needs

The Redpath raiseboring team posing with the company’s new Redbore 30 at MINExpo in Las Vegas, September 24 to 26.

The Redbore 30, the Redpath Group’s newest addition to its fleet of raise drills, was a big hit at MINExpo in Las Vegas, September 24 to 26.

A dedicated machine for block caving, the Redbore 30 is designed to bore holes up to 15 metres long and 1.1 metre in diameter for drawpoints and other applications.

“There are other machines on the market, but I don’t think they’re quite as compact as ours,” said raiseboring project supervisor Allan Mills. “I believe this is the smallest, dedicated uphole machine on the market.”

Redpath’s larger Redbore 50 is also capable of doing upholes for drawpoints in block cave operations, but the higher back height of the unit requires additional excavation of the floor or back to accommodate it.

The Redbore 30 has a four metre back height, which fits in most standard drift sizes without requiring extra excavation. It’s also lighter and more compact, making it easier to transport from one location to another.

“We are running the Redbore 50 in Australia and Chile for this application, but we found it to be a little too large,” said Redpath raiseboring estimator Rob Bettiol. “We needed something smaller and purpose-built. The client wanted a four-metre back height and we saw a demand for it, so we went to our board of directors with a business case and got their backing.”

The drill itself weighs just under 9,000 pounds and can be transported in the bucket of a loader. Equipped with horns, the drill can also be transported by an integrated tool carrier or by a loader that can drop the bucket and pick up forks.

A deflector chute designed to divert the muck away from the drill adds an additional 2,000 pounds. The combined power pack and operator control unit weighs 5,000 pounds and can also be equipped with a set of horns for mobilization.

For typical drawpoint boring applications, there is no breakthrough. A series of smaller diameter holes are drilled in a fan-like pattern above the drawpoints for subsequent blasting, causing the ore to cave.

Three Redbore 30s are joining the Redpath raisedrill fleet. The first two are going to Australia and one is booked for a project in Argentina.

“The Redbore 30 doesn’t have the thrust or the torque that our Redbore 50 has, so if you put them side by side, the 50 would outperform it, but for the 15 metre market, it’s ideal,” said Mills.

The three new Redbore 30s bring Redpath’s raise drill fleet to 27 units, 90 per cent of which are busy drilling somewhere in the world at any given time, said Bettiol.

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