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Provix introduces Firewatch camera to monitor hot spots in mines

Provix Inc., a supplier of innovative camera solutions for the mining industry, has introduced a camera system that does away with the need to delegate an employee for firewatch duty on welding and other work activities where there is a danger of fire.

The Firewatch Hot Work Camera System, already deployed by Goldcorp and Dominion Diamond Mines’ Ekati operation in the Northwest Territories, provides continuous monitoring of selected sites through CCTV and thermal sensors.

When excessive heat or flare-ups are detected, an alert is sent via email to designated personnel and a strobe light is activated to provide a visual alert at the work site.

The temperature threshold is user definable but defaults to 50 degrees Celsius.

The camera system comes in a hard case for portability, includes a tripod, WiFi connectivity and an optional DC battery pack if AC power hookup isn’t available.

Once in receipt of an email alert, users are able to view both thermal imaging as well as live streaming video from the work site on phones, tablets or desktop computers, and take appropriate action.

An integrated laser pointer ensures accurate camera alignment.

According to technical sales consultant Karly Winfield, the Firewatch Hot Work Camera system can also be used to monitor temperatures on crushers, conveyors, transformers or any other equipment that can benefit from proactive notification of excessive heat and potential damage leading to expensive repair costs.

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