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Northern Ontario Business launches jobs website

With a booming region, and a shortage of skilled workers, the timing couldn’t be better for Northern Ontario Business to launch its new jobs website. provides a user-friendly platform for both employers and prospective employees to post jobs and resumes. But it also promotes the benefits of living and working in Northern Ontario to those who may not be aware of the area’s superior work-life balance.

“We launched this new website since we saw a need to help the Northern business community in its recruitment efforts,” said Patricia Mills, publisher of Northern Ontario Business.

“Good employees are hard to find and the hiring environment can be very competitive. By promoting the beauty of our region and our great quality of life, we want job seekers to see the expanded picture of working for a Northern business. No other job site is offering this exposure to quality of life as part of the job experience.”

The site, which includes a map of the region, will be strategically promoted by print, online advertising, and links through Northern Ontario Business and its associated products such as Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, Northern Ontario Medical Journal, and Northern Ontario Business e-Directory.

It offers competitive rates for employers and opportunities for them to advertise and highlight their companies. They can also add a concise profile and search for resumes using a variety of different parameters. Jobs can be posted for 60 days, and different packages, with unlimited time, can be purchased.

Job seekers can post their resumes for free and have the opportunity to post a photo, attach files and add links to their social networking sites.

Visitors to the site can find testimonials from Northern employers who provide food for thought for those contemplating a move to the area.

Joe Parisi, of Pope and Company in Timmins, sums up Northern Ontario’s quality of life convincingly well.

“Sitting on the Gardiner Expressway in a car not going anywhere, I decided that this wasn’t my life, living in Toronto in traffic jams. I moved back to Timmins, and I jokingly tell people that I work one day less a week than you because my commute home is five minutes a day and I go home for lunch.”

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