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NORCAT introduces mobile safety wallet app

May 18, 2017
by Norm Tollinsky
In: News

Training records at your fingertips

Safety wallet app serves as repository for training certifications.

Safety wallet app serves as repository for training certifications.

Contractors and mining supply and service employees working on mine sites no longer have to show up at the gate with dog-eared, crumpled up documents in their pocket certifying that they have completed and passed the training courses required for the work they will be doing.

With the introduction of NORCAT’s mobile safety wallet app, all they need is their smartphone.

The safety wallet serves as a convenient repository for all their training records and includes expiry dates so workers know when they need retraining, said Jason Bubba, NORCAT director of training and development. Employers with access to the NORCAT learning management system can also add certifications from other training providers. Alternatively, workers can bring their training records to NORCAT, where they can be verified and entered into the system.

“As a leader in skilled labour training and development, we are committed to bringing new and emerging technologies and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Bubba. “The NORCAT safety wallet is designed to help the worker, the employer and regulatory compliance stakeholders to better manage all facets of training and development in an easy-to-use mobile app.”

Launched at the PDAC in March, the free app is available for download on the Google Play Store and will soon be available on Apple’s App Store.

“Until now, workers would walk around with a pile of paper or a resumé showing all their certifications, so there was a lot of paper chasing,” said Bubba. “It wasn’t very efficient. It was a bit of a struggle at times for workers having to do retraining on programs they were fully competent on if they didn’t have their record of completion or lost it.”

The safety wallet will also provide access to relevant health and safety news aggregated by NORCAT from public sources.

Using QR codes or RFID technology, NORCAT can work with employers to customize the app. A QR code, for example, can be affixed to a piece of machinery and scanned using the worker’s smartphone to trigger the delivery of standard operating procedures, videos and refresher questions.

“If you don’t exercise the skills you’ve learned, you forget, so we can reach workers with teachable moments on the job,” said Bubba. “It’s proven that ongoing reinforcement in smaller increments over a longer period of time helps retention.”

The safety wallet app requires Internet connectivity and can be used anywhere in the world.

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