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New total station offers scanning capability

The Nova MS50 combines GPS, total station and scanning technologies in one instrument.

Surveyors are applauding Leica Geosystems’ recently launched Nova MS50 multi-station.

“It’s a brand new surveying instrument that everybody’s calling a game changer,” claims Marty Warkentin, president of Northern Survey Supply.

The Nova MS50 combines GPS, total station and scanning technologies in one instrument.

“It’s similar to taking a high-resolution picture with your camera,” said Warkentin. “The only difference is it creates a point cloud of its environment.”

The MS50 will have several applications in the mining industry.

Northern Survey Supply, for example, is currently using a dedicated scanning instrument on a spray-on liner demonstration project for mining companies in Sudbury, but at $120,000 a pop, it’s an expensive piece of equipment and that’s all it does.

“With spray-on liners, you have to have a detailed mapping of every nook and cranny on the surface you want to coat, so you have to survey it in high definition,” said Warkentin. “We scan the back and the drift walls to get an accurate mapping of the excavation and feed that information to the machine that robotically sprays the material.”

With scanning technology built into the MS50, miners will be able to scan the working face using the same robotic surveying instrument that they use every day to measure line and grade.

And, best of all, it’s a fraction of the price, said Warkentin.

“Leica has had this product under wraps for three years and unveiled it June 4th, so we all toddled down to Vegas for its unveiling. I was blown away. I was expecting something very cool, but nothing like this. It’s a first for the industry.”

Northern Survey Supply serves the Northern Ontario mining industry from offices in Mattawa and Sudbury.

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