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MacLean Engineering makes sale to Stornoway’s Renard Project

MacLean Engineering has sold a fleet of scissor bolters and utility vehicles to Stornoway Diamond Corporation’s Renard Project in northern Quebec.

The six pieces of equipment include two Series 900 Scissor Bolters, two cassette trucks, a boom truck and a scissor lift.
Maclaen Engineering also provided Stornoway with two mobile parts warehouses and is training workers to maintain the equipment.

“Stornoway’s ability to bring the Renard Diamond Project forward to its imminent operational phase is a remarkable achievement, made even more so by the degree of collaboration required across sectors and suppliers,” said MacLean Engineering president Kevin MacLean. “We are honoured to be supporting these efforts, and that we are able to play our part in making Quebec’s first diamond mine a reality.”

MacLean Engineering is a privately-owned company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of mechanized equipment for underground mining.

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