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Laurentian University opens new School of the Environment

Laurentian University has established a new School of the Environment with 13 faculty members forming its core and 13 more soon to be cross-appointed from other departments. The school currently houses five existing programs: Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Études de l’environnement, Science Communication and Archaeology.

It will contribute to environmental programming offered by other departments across campus, and will collaborate with the Vale Living with Lakes Centre and other research centres, including the Centre for Evolutionary Ecology and Ethical Conservation (CEEEC).

The school will help to consolidate and strengthen the University’s expertise and reputation in all studies related to the environment, said inaugural Director Dr. Brett Buchanan.

“This truly represents an important step and a natural progression for Laurentian University and Greater Sudbury,” said Buchanan. “We are recognized worldwide for our environmental knowledge in this community, and Laurentian has a constellation of professors and researchers who are leaders in environmental studies and sciences.”

Dr. Osman Abou-Rabia, dean of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture, said “the school provides an opportunity for synergy and collaboration that will propel us forward as a centre of innovation both in teaching and research.”

The official launch and celebration of the school is scheduled for September 17.


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