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J.S. Redpath wins safety innovation award

J.S. Redpath has won the Ontario Mining Contractors’ Association safety innovation award for the redesign of the platform trap door entrance on mechanized raise climbers.

Traditionally, mechanized raise climber personnel entered the upper platform through a hatched door via a congested opening and a ladderway lacking proper handholds.

The new design features an enlarged opening, allowing miners wearing bulky personal protective equipment to safely and comfortably access the platform.

The hatch door is also outfi tted with a double stop mechanism. The fi rst hitches the door to prevent it from slamming down on workers’ hands, while the second vertically locks the door and doubles as an extension of the cage ladder rungs to ensure three-point contact for the raise miner’s safe climb to and from the deck.

The redesign was spearheaded by Redpath’s mechanized raise area superintendent Gary Gagain, shop foreman Wayne Boucher and welder/millwright Jack Sikora.

Also honoured at the annual Workplace Safety North (WSN) conference in Sudbury April 4 to 10 was Redpath’s Indonesian group, which won honourable mention for a self-supporting, ratcheted stop mechanism to prevent job box lids from collapsing on workers and facilitating effi cient access to box contents.

Redpath’s winnings also included a WSN 2013 Workplace Excellence Award.

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