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Fraser Institute study reveals concern about permitting delays

A recent Fraser Institute study concludes that “Canada’s provinces and territories have room to improve their permitting processes.”

British Columbia, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are cited in the report as being especially onerous to do business with.

Only 61 per cent of respondents said they were able to have their permits approved in British Columbia within six month.
The corresponding percentages for Quebec and Ontario were 85 per cent and 71 per cent, respectively.

Asked if permit approval times had lengthened, 83 per cent answered in the affirmative in Ontario, 73 per cent in British Columbia and 50 per cent in Quebec.

One half of respondents cited a lack of transparency in Ontario’s permitting process as a deterrent to investment.
Quebec and B.C. followed at 48 per cent and 40 per cent respectively. The corresponding percentage for Western Australia and Sweden was nine per cent.

However, 90 and 88 per cent of respondents in Quebec and Ontario said they were either highly confident or confident that their permits would be granted, compared to 73 per cent in British Columbia.

The questions relating to permitting were included in the Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies for 2017.

A subset of 160 executives and managers who had applied for an exploration permit, license, notice of work, or similar document within the last two years in Canada, the U.S., Australia or Scandinavia were asked to respond to the permitting component of the survey.

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