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FlexiLine aids wastewater management

September 1, 2012
by Scott Haddow
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Robert Lamond doesn’t like problems. He doesn’t care what caused the problem. Lamond is only interested in the solution.

As mining division manager at Hard-Line Solutions with more than 30 years of experience in a variety of roles in the industry, Lamond was instrumental in designing the company’s FlexiLine Wastewater Management System.

“I see problems and like to come up with solutions. This stuff comes easy to me,” Lamond said. “I’ve always been a blue-sky thinker. The majority of mines have problems cleaning their sumps underground. FlexiLine pre-screens prior to water hitting the sumps. We’re trying to keep debris out of the sumps to help them run more efficiently and longer. It adds up to increased safety and revenues and reduced risk and maintenance costs. It hits on the areas that tickles people – saving money and improving safety.”

Hard-Line built its reputation by becoming a leading supplier of remote and teleremote controls to the mining industry. The FlexiLine systems are the company’s way of diversifying and reaching more of the mining market.

“Water is used for everything in a mine,” Hard-Line Solutions advertising and marketing manager Max Gray said. “If it isn’t managed effectively, it backs up. It has to go somewhere. The cleaner the water, the easier it is to remove from a mine. It reduces the risk of water back-ups that create hazards. Any time you can better control wastewater underground, you also improve safety.

The FlexiLine Wastewater Management System is easy to install.

FlexiBerm contains and decants mine slimes using permeable polypropylene material so they can be effectively stored and dried. It can be used in place of the traditional muck berms that most mines currently construct to contain fines and set-up as a precaution for fill spills.

FlexiDrain is a fast acting, durable drainage system that effectively removes excess fill water and can handle extreme head pressures without collapsing. Its core is wrapped in a thick permeable polypropylene fabric that prevents fills and slimes from entering the flow channels, dramatically extending the life of the system.

FlexiFence is a fill containment system that saves mines time and money by allowing mine management to install a fill containment system and fill stopes on the same day. These containment units can be manufactured to meet client specifications.

FlexiSlot is designed to replace the need to raisebore, drill and blast a drop raise when employing longitudinal retreat mining methods, or when panelling a large blast hole stope. It functions as a drain set to remove excess water from backfilling.

FlexiSumpSaver enables clean water to flow while collecting and containing the mine fines. It can be set up to receive dirty mine water from pumps or bore holes.

FlexiTube is a high volume dewatering system that contains slimes and fines while decanting clear water. It’s made of permeable polypropylene material that traps sludge, slime and fines and is a simple system with no moving parts. It can be supplied in any size.

“There is a lot of metal to be recovered once the slimes settle in behind the FlexiBerm, so a company can make money on both ends,” Lamond said. “The mining industry dies for savings. Over the course of a year, we’re talking millions in savings for a company with these systems. There is a huge need for it worldwide.”

The FlexiLine systems are also flexible and ready to meet the requirements of any mining operation no matter how brutal the conditions.

“Systems are modified for each customer,” Lamond said. “The product can be evolved to suit any mine and any conditions. We’re allowing for flexibility because not every mine is the same and they need different applications.”

FlexiLine went into operation in a mine in Timmins in May. Lamond said sales have been growing steadily in the Greater Sudbury area since the product was launched five months ago. Hard-Line Solutions has high hopes and big plans for the FlexiLine systems. The company hopes to see it in mines around the world.

“The reaction has been positive throughout the industry so far,” Lamond said. “We see a bright future ahead globally for FlexiLine.”

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