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Fifteen years and counting

By Norm Tollinsky
Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal

Earlier this year – in March to be specific – we celebrated our 15th year of publishing Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal.

There were no balloons and no cake to mark the occasion. It even escaped my notice, but it’s certainly a milestone worth noting and a fitting opportunity to restate what we’re all about and why we matter.

As we proudly proclaim on the cover of every issue, we set ourselves the goal of showcasing the mining expertise of Northern Ontario to the rest of the world. We chose the name, Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, because of the cachet Sudbury has in the global mining industry, its instant recognizability and the fact that it is the heart of the Northern Ontario mining cluster.

Sudbury is home to hundreds of mining supply companies, several mining related education institutions and research organizations, the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, the Ontario Geological Survey, world-class mining operations and an orebody that shows no sign of exhaustion after 125 years.

Sudbury is in our name, but it’s the mining expertise of Northern Ontario in its totality that we report on – whether it’s the introduction of teleremote mucking in Red Lake and Musselwhite in northwestern Ontario, the expansion of a bucket manufacturer in Timmins, the development of injection hoisting technology by Cementation in North Bay, or the revival of exploration activity in the Cobalt camp.

We could have called ourselves the Northern Ontario Mining Solutions Journal, but we didn’t think “Northern Ontario” had the same instant recognizability in the global mining marketplace.

What’s more important than our name is our mission to introduce key decision makers in all of the important mining jurisdictions – from Chile, Peru and Mexico to South Africa, Australia and beyond – to mining suppliers across Northern Ontario.

The global mining industry stands to benefit from the wealth of expertise that mining suppliers, research organizations and educational institutions across Northern Ontario are able to offer, and we play an important role in making those introductions.

When a story about an innovative material handling solution, an air quality monitoring system or a jack for a 400-ton haul truck results in a phone call from Elko, Perth, Jakarta or Johannesburg, we’ve done our job.

In this our 16th year, we humbly invite mining suppliers across Northern Ontario to take full advantage of this important communications medium. Keep us in the loop, make us aware of your new products and technologies, your sales successes and your milestones so we can continue to impact the growth and prosperity of the Northern Ontario mining cluster.


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