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Cementation completes largest mine shaft in the U.S.

Cementation USA has finished sinking the deepest single lift shaft in the United States at the Resolution Copper Project in Superior, Arizona.  With a finished diameter of 28 feet, the No. 10 shaft was sunk to a final depth of 6,943 feet below surface.

“Completion of the No. 10 shaft may not receive as much fanfare as some of the more visible wonders of the world, but the technical expertise and operational focus required to complete this project is certainly on the same level,” said Justin Oleson, president of Cementation USA.

The Cementation group, which is currently sinking 22 shafts worldwide, has sunk the deepest single lift shaft in the world at South Deep Mine in South Africa, the deepest shaft in Canada at the Kidd Mine in Timmins, and now the deepest single lift shaft in the United States at the Resolution Copper Project.

“I am most proud of this combined team of miners and engineers – mostly locals that worked through tough conditions to complete this shaft,” said Tom Goodell, general manager of shaft development for Resolution Copper. “They have proven that we can reach these unprecedented depths in Arizona and safely develop this world class copper deposit.”

“The successful completion of No.10 Shaft at Resolution is an achievement that the Cementation and Resolution Copper team should be extremely proud of,” said Mike Nadon, senior executive with Cementation.  “The many technical challenges were overcome with good engineering and planning and our crews executed the plan with sincere regard for each other’s safety and consistent effort despite some very difficult conditions.”

Cementation USA Inc., Cementation Canada Inc., and Cementation Sudamérica S.A. are part of Murray & Roberts, an engineering and construction services company based in South Africa.

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