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Dick DeStefano

Don MacLean inducted into SAMSSA’s Supplier Hall of Fame

The greatest compliment for entrepreneurs in the mining supply sector comes from peers who applaud and recognize their success in founding..

February 27, 2017
WipWare reaches new heights in training

WipWare reaches new heights in training

One of the amazing changes in SAMSSA’s membership is the number of innovative companies that are leading the mining industry. WipWare is..

November 14, 2016

Can Lego increase your productivity?

A unique approach is being developed by a Northern Ontario company and a member of SAMSSA that solves problems, saves money and has proven..

August 22, 2016

Ontario shines in underground technologies

Michael Denham, the new CEO of Canada’s Business Development Bank, recently acknowledged that small to medium enterprises (SMEs)..

May 23, 2016

SAMSSA pays tribute to two industry leaders

The Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Services Association’s 12th annual general meeting on December 4, 2015 was a special event for..

February 23, 2016

Institute to groom next generation of leaders

The Sudbury mining cluster and SAMSSA continue to support value-added programs. New ideas and enhancements are always bubbling up from our..

August 18, 2015

Board game introduces high-schoolers to mining

SAMSSA has been a supporter of Modern Mining and Technology Sudbury (MMTS) for years and has seen an increased awareness of mining by high..

May 20, 2015

Awards are important in the mining supply industry

Awards, as simple as applauding an athlete’s success in a game or winning Olympic gold, are an important centuries-old tradition. This..

February 26, 2015

Mining cluster comes of age

It is quite evident that the Northern Ontario mining cluster has developed as a “mature cluster” based on studies by major agencies and..

December 1, 2014
Managing mining intelligence

Managing mining intelligence

When the Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Service Association (SAMSSA) was created in 2003, the founding fathers were looking for something..

September 1, 2014
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