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David Robinson

Mission impossible: mining suppliers to save the world

The mining supply sector is invisible, disrespected and dumb, but it could be responsible for saving the world Invisible for two reasons...

August 22, 2016

The end of the road in the North?

Roads are an ancient technology. The British Ridgeway, for example, has been in use for 7,000 years. Roads led to wheels about 6,000 years..

May 23, 2016

This won’t hurt, will it doctor?

Cap and trade is coming to Ontario. The legislation was enacted in 2009. Consultation documents were prepared in December. Sooner or later..

February 23, 2016

Decarbonization and the new energy metals

Military intelligence developed scenario planning to deal with an unpredictable enemy. Since the biggest long run uncertainty for the..

November 17, 2015

Green mining and energy prices

When you are planning a new product or a marketing strategy, it is important to know which way the wind is blowing. And what colour. Today,..

May 20, 2015

Gold and the end of the world as we know it

There always seems to be an apocalypse just around the corner. I remember walking home from school with friends in 1962 looking up at the..

February 26, 2015

Game changing innovations in energy technology

Suppliers depend on prospecting in more than one sense. Without prospectors the supply of new mines would dry up, and our industry would be..

December 1, 2014
What CEOs see and what we should do

What CEOs see and what we should do

Tugs have power to spare, but on dark and rainy nights, when the tide is running fast, there are channels that make even tugboat skippers..

September 1, 2014
Mining: such a strange mix of products

Mining: such a strange mix of products

Canada’s mineral sector is an odd collection of quite different industries, united by big trucks and high wages. Suppliers in for the..

June 1, 2014
Both the wind and the tides are in our favour

Both the wind and the tides are in our favour

The fall of the Canadian dollar will have a positive effect on Canada’s mining supply and service sector and on domestic mining. When the..

February 13, 2014
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