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Solving the HR challenge in the mining industry

If you’re a kid growing up in Toronto or any number of Canadian cities and someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, it’s..

November 8, 2018

This blasted and boring business

Metal demand is rising, ore grades are falling and hard rock mining productivity has plateaued. The industry has to change. The biggest..

November 8, 2018

Digital mining technologies: what works?

“One of the newest challenges for mining companies is managing the massive amounts of data produced across the value chain. Mining..

November 8, 2018

Another blockbuster issue of SMSJ

This issue of Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is a good reflection of the massive changes that are beginning to impact the mining..

August 20, 2018

Which supercycle?

Growing talk of a new supercycle for mining is encouraging, but a totally different kind of supercycle may be more important for mining..

August 20, 2018

Modern Mining & Technology makes a difference

Modern Mining & Technology Sudbury is a mining experience for students that has changed their understanding of the careers and..

August 20, 2018

Fifteen years and counting

Earlier this year – in March to be specific – we celebrated our 15th year of publishing Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal. There were no..

May 17, 2018

What do we mean by “near”?

Miners look for new mines near old mines. They also look for new solutions from suppliers they know and trust. Customers following up on..

May 17, 2018

Canadian Tradex hosts the Big Show in Timmins

One of the largest mining expos of its kind in Canada is being held once again June 4-7 in Timmins. The activities will include live..

May 17, 2018

Seismic activity and heart health

A few years ago, immediately prior to an interview with an engineer at a consulting company in Sudbury, I was escorted through the building..

February 21, 2018
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