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An introduction from Michael Atkins
You know about Sudbury. Its rich ore body, mines and its mining companies, Vale and Xstrata. You may even have heard about the Big Nickel. Sudbury is the centre of the world’s foremost mining cluster, encompassing the rich ore bodies of the Canadian Shield, the Northern Ontario cities of North Bay and Timmins.
Sudbury and Northern Ontario are home to an astonishing number of international mining supply and service companies. Drills and material handling systems have been designed in Sudbury for missions to Mars. We are home to world-class research and development institutions. We have earned an international reputation for environmental rehabilitation. We have achieved a critical mass of mining knowledge and expertise that are in demand internationally.
As a colleague of mine said while we were discussing the launch of this magazine, “Sudbury is as close as you can get to mining heaven.” He is right. There isn’t a hard rock mining problem in the world that can’t be solved by mining industry experts from Sudbury and Ontario. We do it all.
That is what this magazine is about. Competence, Innovation, Solutions.
People from all over the world come to find mining solutions in the Sudbury area.
What we are doing is writing about the people and companies that make it happen.
Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is printed quarterly — March, June, September and December. Circulation includes distribution to mining executives, consultants, suppliers, distributors, government officials and opinion leaders around the world and across Canada.
When you advertise in Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, you will be contributing to the branding of our famous mining cluster. You will be telling your story to the world and building the confidence of the world in our products and our people.
Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal will be our community’s “calling card” to the world. The breadth and competence of our skills and versatility is amazing. We hope you will join us in telling our story to the world.
We look forward to doing business with you.
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