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About Northern Ontario Mining

Sudbury and Northern Ontario are home to an astonishing number of international mining supply and service companies. Drills and material handling systems have been designed in Sudbury for us on missions to Mars. We are home to world-class research and development institutions and have earned and international reputation for environmental rehabilitation. Over the last century, we have accumulated a critical mass of mining knowledge and expertise that are in demand internationally.

There isn’t a hard rock mining problem in the world that can’t be solved by the mining industry experts from the Sudbury area. We do it all. And that is what the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is all about – competence, innovation, solutions. People from all over the world come to find mining solutions in the Sudbury area. We write about the people and companies that make it happen.

About Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal

Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. It brings the expertise of Northern Ontario mining supply and service companies to the attention of the global mining community. Focusing on leading-edge technology and innovation, Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is an ideal advertising vehicle for Northern Ontario mining supply and service companies interested in marketing to national and international audiences.

Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal is an integrated media pioneer. The newly launched Sudbury Mining Solutions iPad app and the interactive website are regularly visited by over 93 countries worldwide. We collect the mining industry’s vital and current news and make it accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!


Norm Tollinsky is a veteran journalist and founding editor of Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal. He has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science from McGill University and a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Toronto. Norm began writing for the McGill Daily. He has served as editor of the Manitoulin Expositor, editor of Sudbury’s community newspaper, Northern Life, and was founding editor of Northern Ontario Business. During a career spanning 35 years in the publishing business, he also served as Director of Newspaper Operations for Robinson Blackmore Printing and Publishing in Newfoundland, Director of Marketing and Research for Thomson Newspapers’ National Sales Department and Publisher of ComputerWorld, a national trade publication serving IT professionals. After some 17 years in various management roles in the newspaper business, Norm returned to writing and editing full-time in 2004. He also serves as editor of the Northern Ontario Medical Journal.

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